Stansport Yukon Deluxe Gold Prospecting and Panning Kit

Stansport Yukon Deluxe Gold Prospecting Kit with PickOur Deluxe “Yukon” Gold Prospecting Kit has everything you need to start gold panning today! Included in the kit are two gold pans, sized 10” and 14”, allowing you to handle different-sized material. The 3/8” plastic mesh classifier allows you to sift through material and get rid of those large rocks that contain no value. The rock pick and hand trowel allows you to easily dig up material for panning. The snuffer bottle and vials are perfect for isolating your new gold! And the precision tweezers and magnifier let you inspect any flakes or nuggets you may find! Lastly, we have included a resource book that gives you tips for your gold panning adventure ……………….. MORE INFO